Vision, Mission, Strategy & Corporate Culture Value


To be preferred partner for profitable growth of our stakeholders*.

*Our stakeholders include customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers, as well as the communities we work and operate in.


To provides superior solutions through Flexible Film & Sheet, Leatherette, Rigid Film & Sheet, and PET Sheet products and services for industrial and consumer applications that are inseparable part of modern-day living.


In order to achieve our Corporate Vision and Mission, our Management consistently and continuously define and implement various strategies as follows:

  • Building a premium market segments in some industries and providing excellent solutions to get customer satisfactions.
  • Building a strong product brand image in several industrial applications.
  • Applying standard and modern operational management system, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, GMP, and HACCP to achieve perfect Corporate operations.
  • Continuously developing product innovations supported by a strong R&D team and investment in laboratory equipment.
  • Diversifying products to expand market networks, both inside and outside the country.

Corporate Culture Value

  • Constant and never ending improvement
  • Add massive value
  • Do the right and make it happen
  • Build a positive team
  • Show people that you care
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