Main Product

Technological Development

Research and Development (R & D) constitutes a vital aspect of the company. In this department, a dedicated group of highly trained and skilled personnel’s is responsible for product design and development, as well for market research and process technology development.

The research Department continuously pursues promising research projects. These include the programs focus on improvements in manufacturing efficiency, introduction of advanced technology, and new product formulations.

Product Quality

Our quality control program is designed to ensure our product met the highest quality standards. Our employees perform quality control checks throughout the production process up to and including final shipment to our customers.

The company’s quality policy is to meet the quality standards expected by customers. The company has incorporated the international quality management system standard ISO 9002 : 1994 from year 2000 until year 2003.

We are currently enhancing our quality standard to ISO 9001 : 2000, and we expect the certification will be awarded in 2004 to strengthen our position as a global player and get ready for the challenge of AFTA.

Environment & Safety

The company is committed to manage its activities in such a way that its natural environment and community are preserved and protected. We have spent a significant investment on equipments for converting the gas by product into material for reuse as supporting material in PVC production.

Our PVC film and sheet production is environmentally friendly and practically produces no any waste hazardous to the environment. All the solid waste is recycled for use as raw material in PVC film and sheet production.

The company continues to emphasize safety in making employees aware of safety issues. It also put in place a series of safer work practices.

Marketing and Distribution

We have some offices and branches network in Indonesia likes Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya and Medan. We will also expand our market to cover Southeast Asia region such as to Vietnam, Philippines, and other countries.

Flexible Film & Sheet
Rigid Film & Sheet
PET Sheet

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